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The mightySTARKADE legion

7330 fighters recruited. Owned by YOU.


STARKADE is a vibrant universe, made up of story, art and gaming.

We embrace web3 and web2 technologies, along with physical gaming, to bring our community something truly unique – where they, themselves are in the driving seat.

We've recently introduced you to the STARKADE Legion - a horde of fighters constantly in training to earn their place in the ultimate championship. These reside on the Ethereum blockchain, soon to be battled in Legion Arena here at

But that's not the end of the tale.

We're also busy perfecting the artwork for an exciting new table-top game (currently at 'gold-prototype'), which you'll be able to enjoy with friends and family. We're aiming to get it in your hands late-2022.

The story of STARKADE is just emerging - and we invite you to be a part of it.


Naomi White
Chief Executive Officer
James White
Chief Creative Officer
Lucas Gardiner
Chief Gaming Officer
John Hill
Lead Narrative Writer
Dan Millar
Lead Developer (back-end)
Patrick Allen
Lead Developer (front-end)
Robert Castillo
Lead Community Manager
Jacqueline Poole
Community Consultant
Community Consultant
@ponderware (mooncats)

Fighting forThe planet

We want STARKADE to be carbon-neutral from day one. To achieve this, we’re working with Ecologi. Ecologi helps people and organisations fund projects that have a positive impact on the climate.

We contribute monthly to projects that protect forests and produce renewable energy around the globe. And since the sell-out of STARKADE Legion fighters, we’ve:

  • Offset 5000 tonnes of CO2, plus